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Work is good for mental well being but a negative working atmosphere can result in physical and mental well being problems. Dr.Kartini Kartono mengatakan bahwa orang yang memiliki psychological sehat memilki sifat-sifat khas,antara lain mempunyai kemampuan untuk bertindak secara episien memiliki tujuan-tujuan hidup yang jelas memiliki konsep diri yang sehat memiliki koordinasi antara segenap potensi dengan usaha-usaha nya,memiliki regulasi diri dan memiliki batin yang selalu tenang.mental healthmental health

Untuk megetahui apakah seseorang sehat atau terganggu mentalnya, tidak mudah, karena tidak dapat di ukur, di periksa atau dilihat dengan alat-alat seperti halnya dalam kesehatan badan biasanya yang menjadi kesehatan psychological adalah tindakan, tingkah laku, atau perasaan karena seseorang yang terganggu kesehatan mentalnya akan mengalami kegoncagan emosi kelainan tingkah laku dan tindakannya.

For instance, youngsters who have both a father or mother who’ve been psychiatrically hospitalized seem to be at greater danger of dying from sudden toddler demise syndrome ( SIDS ). Depression in adults can result in a considerably better likelihood of health danger factors such as a lack of bodily exercise, smoking , binge ingesting, obesity , high blood pressure , high ldl cholesterol , and poor health.

It includes five life tasks—essence or spirituality, work and leisure , friendship , love and self-route—and twelve sub tasks— sense of worth , sense of management , reasonable beliefs, emotional consciousness and coping , drawback fixing and creativity , sense of humor , vitamin , train , self care, stress management , gender id , and cultural identification —that are recognized as characteristics of healthy functioning and a significant component of wellness.

Anytime I saw somebody who came upon for the first time, I can be afraid in regards to the affect on that particular person’s opinion of me. I could be watching her or his habits closely for signs of distancing from me. And this would not solely be my anxiousness: I was quite confident that some folks would not need to associate with me because of my mental illness.mental health