The filter system for you

There are two widely used water filter systems available Brita and Zero Water. This article will give you a brita vs. zero water analysis to help you chose the best. Both Brita and ZeroWater filters make tap water safe to drink. However we wanted to know which option was the best for consumers. After more than 30 hours of research and testing, including several hours comparing just Brita and ZeroWater, we determined that the ZeroWater 10-Cup Pitcher is the better choice of the two.

Both Brita and ZeroWater have received certifications from NSF International, which ensures that both are able to remove lead and other specific harmful materials from municipal tap water. However, both NSF International and other reports have determined that the ZeroWater filter is significantly better than other filters on the market, including brita when it comes to removing virtually all harmful contaminants from tap water.

This is because ZeroWater utilizes a 5-stage filter, which acts similarly to a reverse-osmosis system. The ZeroWater filter replaces ions in the water, which effectively eliminates all dissolved solids in the water that is filtered through. This proves that ZeroWater are good for their name as their water has zero dissolved solids which can be proved by using a TDS tester for their 10 cup pitcher. Nevertheless, when it comes to a straight comparison of which water filter works best, it is largely undisputed that ZeroWater filters are the best in this industry segment. Hence ZeroWater is the better choice.