Fit Bottomed Girls

Jennipher Walters: As cofounder and coauthor of The Healthy Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet and Publisher-in chief at Healthy Bottomed Girls and Match Bottomed Zen, Jenn has many exercise qualifications under her gear: She’s an ACE-qualified fitness expert, wellness coach, and sophisticated physical fitness expert, and an AFAA-qualified group exercise instructor. Jenn includes a journalism degree in the University of Missouri and an MA in health writing in the University of Minnesota. She’s also created for numerous online magazines including Design magazine, The Huffington Post and SparkPeople. In her spare time, Jenn are available doing HIIT workouts together with her husband, creating a mean natural shake, operating together with her puppy and cuddling together with her daughter.

Kristen Seymour: Kristen Seymour may be the next partner at Healthy Bottomed Girls and keeps the positioning of Publisher-in chief at Healthy Bottomed Feeds. She’s a passionate (or even particularly fast) triathlete, huge pet lover, and enthusiastic pescatarian foodie (having a unique love of Mexican food and roasted vegetables). She depends on her pets to obtain her outside when she’s feeling lazy, and matters on Facebook (and her other FBGs) to inspire her hitting the gym — works like a dream each time. Kristen makes time for yoga — atleast a bit — nearly every morning and it is slowly but gradually building yoga a normal exercise, also on (well, particularly on) the times when all she may consider is how she can’t perhaps make time to simply sit and become. She’s a graduate of the University of Florida (Go Gators!), and she and her husband live, swimming, bicycle and run-in Sunlight State using their two mutts along with a mercurial cat.

Tish Arana: Tish began like a guest author for FBG in July 2009 and easily captured the exercise publishing bug, being a area of the FBG group. Not just did the FBGs give her the oomph she had a need to make her physical fitness important (she’s eliminated from inactive to marathoner!), in addition they got her to ultimately use her writing degree in the University of Kansas. She currently lives within the Los Angeles area, covering everything Westcoast exercise. More at