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Examine the Amber Necklace Phenomenon that is Trending Among Mothers

This type of stone beside having a luxurious and unique appearance like the stones above also has the potential for great efficacy. In fact, the trend of using amber is still more popular in the world.

In these stones are often found insects to ancient vertebrate animals that are trapped and fossilized in a very long time, such as flies, ants, scorpions, spiders, and much more. The type and age of animals in it will even determine the selling value of this stone on the market. Researchers say that the majority of the original amber on the market are now tens of millions of years old.

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This stone is the result of sediment from the sap that fell drop by drop until it finally froze and formed a stone. Because they are immersed in mining or other minerals, people often mistakenly think that this stone is a mineral stone.

Become a medium of healing as well as jewelry

This stone has been used as jewelry and medicinal material from hundreds to thousands of years ago. As in ancient China and Greece, where the stone is burned for oil extraction and used as a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce fever, to aromatherapy and fragrances.

Another use of amber is as jewelry and building ornaments. Amber has even been used since the Neolithic era and the Bronze Age. Nobles or honored people often use this stone as an ornament for their family’s dead graves. Other objects such as cups, beads, and cigar clasps are also often decorated with these beautiful stones.

A row of mothers are suffering from amber

It turns out that the trend of using amber is already very popular in the country. For example, like these celebrity mothers who believe that the use of amber necklaces is believed to have very good properties for their baby.

Babies are no longer fussy when they experience symptoms of teething such as swollen gums. His appetite also returned to normal and was more cheerful throughout the day.