4 Conditions that have an Itchy Anus as a Symptom


Itching around the anus region is both uncomfortable and embarrassing. As if that is not enough, it forces you to stand and walk in awkward postures. The urge to scratch is always a psychological battle especially when you are in public.

Although these are real issues someone with an anal itch has to deal with, the condition could be a symptom of an underlying disease. Patients should, therefore, treat an anal itch with respect it deserves. Visit your doctor especially if the irritation persists.

This article provides insights on the possible conditions you may have if you have anal itching.


The rectum is lined with numerous veins supplying blood to the anus area. When you strain during a bowel movement, you put pressure on those veins causing them to swell and consequently itch.

Hemorrhoids are harmless taken from the fact that every 3 out of 4 adults will have the condition every once in a while. The swelling is however painful which makes it much more difficult to scratch the itch. This is a good thing because scratching will only make it worse.

To sooth the pain and itch, you can try sitting in warm water. Drinking lots of water to soften your stool is also necessary as it will minimize the pain when you pass stool. You can also look for some treatments online. There are several Anal Itching ointments, such as Pranicura, which will help you to feel relief. Click here to visit their website.


Although most people have heard about Psoriasis as a skin condition, few know that it affects the anus too. It usually appears as a red non-scaly patch and is characterized by an extremely irritating itch.

You must, however, be careful with self-diagnosis. The reason is you may mistake psoriasis for hemorrhoids and end up treating the wrong condition. It is thus imperative that you make an appointment with your physician to ascertain your condition.

Anal Cancer

Although a rare type of cancer, anal cancer is tumors around the anus that can spread to other parts of the body. It is characterized by anal itching and pain around the anus which is accompanied by rectal bleeding.

According to experts, people that have human papillomavirus (HPV) are the most likely to develop anal cancer. It is for this reason that health experts advocate for an immediate checkup the moment somebody starts experiencing itching in the anal region. Your doctors should be in a position to rule out cancer or catch it during its early phase.


As a fungal infection, ringworm will affect every other part of the body, including the anus. Despite the name, do not expect that worms will be coming out of your rectum because ringworm isn’t a worm per se. Its name comes from its appearance; a round rash.

Since it is a highly contagious condition, one can easily self-infect other parts of the body with ringworm. If you, therefore, scratch your arm and go ahead to scratch your bottom, the chances are that you will have transferred the infection to your anus. The itching gets heavy when the rings multiply and merge to form blisters and pus-filled sores.

Over-the-counter anti-fungal medicines are effective at treating ringworm infection together with the itching. Medication can take the form of powder or cream to be applied directly to the anus. You will have to avoid the urge to scratch the rings to ensure the medication take effect especially if you are using powder medication.